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This involves selling products through your own website or via a third party such as eBay, but you won’t have to handle the physical delivery of the goods you sell to your customers. Although the customers buy the product via your online shop or another platform where you’ve listed the item for sale, you keep the payment while the manufacturer or warehouse handles the shipping on your behalf. You’ll have to pay for the shipping though.
Campus tour guides need to be well-spoken, well-informed, and usually have an upbeat disposition.
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Whereas survey sites pay users for data in order to help companies improve their marketing and products, the apps and services on this part of the list operate largely on a referral basis. In other words, they get paid to help drive customers to a particular brand, store or product β€” and then they pass some of their profits along to you.
Browse the gigs from other sellers and see what’s popular. Then create the gig and do it better!

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